Uncovering Dino (Glass City Protectors Book Three)

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Jeanette is a liar.

She has to be to stay alive. Tired of running, she prays she’s finally found a place to call home. No more new names, no more new backstories… she hopes. But one glimpse of Dino, and she recognizes a fellow master of deception. Despite her growing attraction to him, she knows he’s a man with secrets that can rival her own.

Dino has so many identities, even he doesn’t know who he is anymore. On the surface, he appears to be just another muscled thug, breaking kneecaps and extorting money from local business owners. If anyone learned the truth about him though, he would be a dead man within a week.

With their worlds colliding, Dino and Jeanette find themselves entangled in each other’s lies. Will they risk exposing their vulnerable truths? Or hide behind the security of their practiced deceptions?