Shiny Dancer: Mountain Mermaids (Sapphire Lake)

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Three days a month is not enough time to find love for a normal person, and Kristofer hasn’t been normal for over eight hundred years. If he wants to find his one true love, the woman who can free him from the prison that is Sapphire Lake, then he’s going to have to get . . . creative. The only person that can see a mate mark is a mate. That small patch of scales that stays on the cursed ones at all times, even during their land time. All of them have it—Kristofer’s is just in a really inconvenient place. No matter. There is no room for pride or prudence when it comes to finding “the one.” Desperate times call for desperate measures, and if the mate mark is the only foolproof way to be sure, he’ll show it off.
He’ll show it all.

Charli didn’t want to come home to Aurora Falls. This town and everything in it reminds her of things she’d rather not think about. If it wasn’t for her sister’s wedding, Charli wouldn’t come back at all. But at the bachelorette party, something flashy catches her eye, and the girl who always wished she could blend into the background finds that she can’t look away. There’s something about Kristofer that commands her attention—and annoyance. Charli isn’t a gullible little girl anymore. She doesn’t believe in legends, hollow compliments, or the charming words of a stranger who seems to know more about her than he should. And even though her body reacts to his movements in the most alarming of ways—she will remain resolute. She’s in Aurora Falls to support her sister, nothing more.
She definitely will not fall for that flashy, sexy man.