Kiss the Ashes (Legends of Havenwood Falls)

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Flames. Chaos. Complete destruction. Her fate has been foretold, but one man will help her fight it until the end.

Mocked, ridiculed, and sentenced to death, seven-year-old River is saved from the noose when the Sisters McNee find her. They take her to their home in Havenwood Falls, a place for people like her to live safely, without fear of persecution. But what if the threat to their safety is River herself?

Her fire-maiden origins are a mystery. One a child has no hope of explaining. Then one futuristic vision from a well-respected member of the community seals her fate.



Complete destruction.

Sixteen years later, River has come of age in the era of prosperity, prohibition, and ragtime music—and even as an adult, she still hates her power, resolute to never use it again. She tries to stay under the radar, but there is no hiding from the penetrating eyes of Jonas Pederson. Despite repeated warnings that she is dangerous, he won’t stop pursuing her until she understands that he can easily survive her flames—even if he needs to show her his own well-protected secret.

It might be too late for River, though, when a threat from the past ignites that horrible vision.




In the end, it will all be ashes.