Finding Gabe (Glass City Protectors Book Two)

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Interrupting a domestic dispute landed her on the radar of a known crime boss, leaving him itching for some violent payback. In a panic, she turns to the toughest guy she knows. He’s ex-military, trained in Special Forces… and broke her heart fifteen years ago. Out of options and time, Angel puts her pride aside and seeks him out before the crime boss can fit her with a pair of cement boots.

Gabe’s passion for Angel never fizzled, as he quickly realizes when she shows up out of the blue and immediately picks a fight with his assistant. Longing for her more than ever, he’s on instant alert when she claims she’s in trouble. Before he can determine the magnitude of the threat, she’s snatched off the sidewalk right in front of him.

Now, Gabe will stop at nothing to get her back. He’s willing to sacrifice his money, connections, and heart to keep her safe. But will it be enough to protect the woman he never should have let go?