Bastian (A Rogue Enforcers Novella)

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There are three things the locals tell newcomers to Kettle, Arizona, and two of them revolve around the same man.
One—Treat the burros that wander around town like royalty. You’re a tourist, they live here. They go where they want, when they want to, including sticking their faces in your car window when you’re stopped at a red light.
Two—Leave Bastian Michaels alone. Don’t look at him, don’t ask him a question, don’t make polite conversation. It doesn’t matter how smoking hot he is or how his jeans stretch just right over his backside. He’s not a nice man and he doesn’t want to talk. To anyone.
Three—Don’t trespass on Bastian Michaels’ land. If rule number two didn’t warn you away, the large stallion with the angry disposition should do the trick. The fence is there to keep others safe, not him. Don’t get too close. Don’t climb the fence, and for God’s sake don’t jump down to the other side.
Well, the only thing Jerica likes less than being on the run from a dangerous man, is being told what to do. Especially when Bastian is exactly the man she’s crossed several states to see. Angry? She’s dealt with that before. Dangerous? Put him on the list. Shifter? Well, no one else needed to know that but her, and she shouldn’t know that anyway. Hell, she’d gladly go back to the time she was blissfully unaware some men changed into animals—and vice versa.
She can’t go back—Jerica knows something she shouldn’t—but that’s only part of the problem. The shifter that’s after her is the most dangerous man she’s ever met, and she needs someone just as bad tempered and volatile to get her out of the mess she’s in. Plus, Bastian has a gift. A special gift. And if Jerica can sweet talk him just right, she might get him to use it for her.
Her life depends on it.
So, telling her to stay away from anyone is about as useful as handles on a snowball, and Jerica has never been the kind to look before she leaps. Not only will she seek out Bastian on purpose and try like hell to get him to see her side of things…
She’s already climbed the fence.