Preorder Now – Kiss the Ashes

Mocked, ridiculed, and sentenced to death, seven-year-old River is saved from the noose when the Sisters McNee find her. They take her to their home in Havenwood Falls, a place for people like her to live safely, without fear of persecution. But what if the more »

Beck The Halls – A Gallery B Christmas

It’s supposed to be our happily ever after, and it is—sort of. We already went through the hard stuff. We already leveled up from the pain, the mistrust, the tears—and the glorious makeup sex. It’s supposed to be smooth sailing from here, right? Except now more »

Jesse: Glass City Hearts Book Three

Now available at!   Blood is thicker than water. Blood is family, and nothing comes before family, that was the lesson that had been pounded into Jesse since birth. At least according to his alcoholic father, who had barely managed to stay just this more »

Billy Daily

Now available at! The last time Max saw Billy, she threw a solid right hook to the region below his belt. He probably deserved it. But that doesn’t mean he’s not wary of the woman who punches first and asks questions later. Now that more »

Dino (Glass City Hearts Book 2)

Now available at! His name is Dino. He’s nothing but a liar and a mystery to all who think they know him. With so many identities, he barely knows who he really is anymore. On the surface he’s just another muscled thug breaking kneecaps more »

Gabe (Glass City Hearts Book 1)

Now available at! Angel Jax has her life completely together. Well, not really. She’s the quintessential girl next door who just happens to live in a retirement community, and writes smutty romantic comedies for a living. It is in no way her fault when more »

The Permanence of Pain

Now available at! Two broken people don’t make a whole. But together, they might have a chance at redemption. Regina O’Shea is used to being tested. As a talented salesperson and strong-willed woman in a male-dominated industry, she has to be prepared for whatever more »