Billy Daily

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The last time Max saw Billy, she threw a solid right hook to the region below his belt.
He probably deserved it.
But that doesn’t mean he’s not wary of the woman who punches first and asks questions later.
Now that he’s come back to the one place he’s ever considered home, he gets to duck and cover on a (Billy F**king) Daily basis. Only, he’s coming to find Billy ain’t all that scary, even if she is god***ed crazy.
Then again, he’s an ex-military, contract mercenary with a former drinking problem who’s doing a job for an old lady named Grandma Jean. A woman who wears a gun holster for her .38 Ruger under her yellow cardigan, takes in bikers, and calls her son, “that ding dong fruit of my lady bits.” So, honestly, Billy Daily might be the least crazy of all of them.
Billy’s got secrets, though, and as much as Max is man enough to admit another kick to the nuts is something he’s lookin’ to avoid, he soon finds he’d take a punch to the family jewels any day if it means keeping Billy safe.