The Descent of Eve: A Glass Traveler Novella

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All her life Evelyn has been treated as less than by the people most important to her, and she’d give just about anything to be able to tell them where to stick that mentality. In the Sky Lands, physical perfection is valued over knowledge, at least for women. Born with a disability and an unnatural curiosity that has marked her as unmarriageable, her father emotionally abandons her, reminding Evelyn at every turn just how useless she is – until the day her elderly housemaid gives her the mirror.
A man of routine, Eli’s life is mellow and predictable. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat… And he likes it this way. That is until the cosmos drop a beautiful winged lady in the alley behind his bookstore. The man with only books on his mind suddenly finds his hands full of a fiery beauty from another world.
The mirror has brought her here, to this man…to a place where she isn’t seen as unworthy, but as unique and special. Evelyn doesn’t know why the mirror chose to send her to the gritty downtown of Toledo, Ohio. But, one thing is for sure, regardless of the hows and whys, there are no accidents when it comes to traveling through the glass.